The long wait is over and it’s finally here. The Electric Zombie Fall/Winter line. This time around I took a little bit of a different approach. The inspiration for this line was, movies I love to watch on Halloween. This line features shirts from movies like….

- Nightmare on Elm Street 2
- Return of the Living Dead 3
- Christine
- Brainscan
- Lost Boys
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Trick R’ Treat
- Child’s Play 2

Speaking of the Trick R’ Treat Designs, the 2 designs based on the movie are LIMITED to 100, they will not be reprinted, so DON’T hesitate to snag one. Maybe next year I’ll 2 more, with the other 2 chapters ;)

Mixed in are some other ideas I had that wanted to incorporate the brand name into. I also always wanted to do a shirt of a collage of werewolves. Truth be told, I am more of a fan of Werewolves than zombies. I like the whole transformation behind it, and the look of it. I brought back a favorite from a few lines ago (splice) and reworked an old school throwback design, DOME SPLITTER, in full color form. I also wanted to experiment with glow in the dark inks, which came out super awesome. I came up with a new phrase to work with, “FEED THE MACHINE” it’s something I’ve always kept in the back of my mind and waited for the right time to unveil it and did a couple designs using it.

Due to me having lack of internet, I had to quickly release the line, as there was a day off today, so I couldn’t get to merch now in time to get the posters up. There’s 5 digital Posters and 2 screen print posters. Keep your eyes out for those! I’m pretty excited about this release. What’s your favorite design?

Check out the new site here
and of course the new line here

I will also be working on a store design as well! Keep your eyes peeled!