PORTFOLIO updated, you jerks

So a few things…
I usually put everything in alphabetical order. But, I am trying out something new, for updates, I am going to put the newest stuff first, when it’s time for the next update, the current update will be put in the normal alphabetical order. I feel like that’s easier for everyone and won’t have to go fishing for new projects.

I also updated the for sale / rejected projects section and changed the layout up a little bit.
I also took some shots for the album layouts. I’m going to update those once I am back from tour and redo them a little bit.

I also put some explanation / notes/ commentary on some of the projects.

I still have a couple things to add like the radiosrugery 7 inch / special edition packaging, the this time next year layout and a few more vinyl pieces. I’ll probably update those once halloween hits and I’ll post my ez pieces from fall in there.

Check it out here