Last year was the first year I decorated outside and in for Halloween. I have to admit, I have Pottery Barn to thank for that. Pottery Barn is FILLED with overly priced decor and furniture, but come Halloween, the go all out. Just walking around that place this time of year, is mega inspiring. The thing that is insane, is if you went into the store today, and then next week went in there, the layout and set up (for seasonal things) changes. Stuff sells out, things disappear, new things come in, it’s crazy. Because I bought some of their items, I received a catalog, and shit, don’t even get me started. INSPIRATION OVERLOAD.

It’s been a rough transition moving to New York, then moving BACK to Florida. Falls in New York are AMAZING. The first few years, I never experienced having to rake my own leaves, but the last year there, was brutal, so brutal I hired someone else to rake them, ha! The leaf turning, the pumpkin patch picking (none of that crappy church on a palette for 30 bucks a piece crap) actual picking! apple cider donuts, jacket weather, it really got no better. I had to sort of make up for being back in the awesome 95 degree fall florida weather by making sure I decorated my heart out.

Now, I appreciate the more novelty approach to decorating. I’m more of a black, white, metal, modern kind of decorator. I’m always lurking what other people do and it looks killer. Sometimes, I say to myself, I wish that was what I was doing, but I never seem to go that route.

The other weird thing is, is every year I want to take my Halloween approach with my Christmas tree. But I feel like all white lights is boring. I like the crazy lights, the themed ornaments, character driven wrapping paper.

I decorate everything else in the same sort of grown up theme, but the tree, forget about it. When I moved into the new house, when I was planning out my office, I wanted to do a more grown up approach instead of the whole smorgasbord of pop culture / childhood insanity. It’s weird how my tastes change or preferences with different things. Crazy how the mind works.

So now that the Halloween “work” is over, it’s time to dive into the movies, the candy, and the hopeful change in temperature.

I’ve got my decorations up, my costume ready, my movies picked out (be sure to follow me on instagram to see my daily picks), getting my pumpkins picked and placed next weekend. OCTOBER IS HERE!

While you’re lurking my movie choices on instagram, be sure to send me your decor and spooky goodness. If you haven’t started putting things up, get on it creeps!


I can’t believe that it’s been 6 weeks since the last update and I was talking about this line. Insane! The time has come, to get SPOOKY! This release consists of 5 reprints, 2 posters, a new trick or treat bag, and the plasm pocket tee! It was hard to pick which designs to bring back, especially after the massive TMNT drop. I am gearing up to do some shows/conventions in a few weeks and wanted to bring a diverse variety of products with me.

Lets talk about the posters first. I was originally going to do 3 posters. But, man, these things take forever to make. Its a pretty long process. Like, 2 days (or 16-20 hours) to hammer each one out. I only allotted myself a certain amount of days on them, so when it was all said and done….DAWN OF THE DEAD, got cut. I have half the prep work done for that poster, so hopefully I will have some time to make that a reality. For the ones I did do, I was actually going to save Maximum Overdrive for a series of posters, which now, looking back, I wish I still had done. I had just done some AC/DC work and the juices were flowing, so I thought, eh, why not. I can still do the other 2 of the series, which I might do next year. WHO KNOWS. The inspiration for this poster, was definitely old VHS box art. More so the back of them. I am sure that most of you have already realized this with most of my poster work. I just loved how the back would be this bottom (or top) rectangle bar of scenes from the movie with a massive block of text featuring the synopsis of the film. It’s always stuck with me. Being that Maximum Overdrive was one of my first horror movies I saw as a kid (playing a million times on TBS) soundtrack was flawless, and man, that soda machine scene and the opening chaos of the film. How could you not love this movie? I originally wanted to do greens and purples, but I started with the Demon Knight poster (more about that in a minute) and those were the colors I went with that, so it was back to the drawing board. After watching the movie and taking notes, I realized there was a lot of yellow, green, and red. I’m hoping the poster doesn’t come off as too CHRISTMAS’Y. I love it. It’s not artistically my best poster. It’s aesthetically one of my favorites. When I think VHS back, I think this.

So the Demon Knight poster. Man, I have been dying to do a poster for this movie for years, and FINALLY! IT’S HERE! My favorite scene of the movie is the comic book scene. This movie came out when I was in 6th grade, which was the beginning of my comic book collecting days. I got some here and there as a kid, maybe 3 a year. But 6th grade, that was the boom for me. Anyway, since the series, movies, all began with the comic, I thought it made sense to make it look like, well, a comic. I have about 25 posters now under my belt, and this has to be one of my favorites horror ones. The colors, the look. I just love this thing. Just looking at it, makes me wish they would do another season or movie or something with Tales From the Crypt…How I miss you….

I don’t think I really need to talk about the reprints. I think I covered it in the last update post. That, and I’m really just lazy and am ready to bask in the month that is October. But, in all seriousness. Merch Line and crew, really did an excellent job with these. I can’t emphasize how killer of a job they do. These reprints are better than ever and the originals. Wait til you see Melmac in person. Plus I think the updated, 5 finger Crypt Keeper, is going to be my halloween shirt (aside from my costume of course).

We can all be honest here, and call out the elephant in the room, and that’s the Plasm Pocket Slimer Tee. Now to get into the boring origin of how this idea came about. Originally the Slimer image was going to be a sticker hang tag for the shirt, but I didn’t want people bitching that the shirt was black and white and would look better in color. So I just held off. For the Cowabunga line, I wanted to do a pizza pocket shirt, but, EVERYONE was doing pizza everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. I think there’s even shoes and backpacks out now. RIDICULOUS. So with the 30th Anniversary of not just Turtles, the 2nd best thing from my childhood, GHOSTBUSTERS happening, I figured it was time to pull out that Slimer Madness and man did it pay off. One thing people will notice is the fact that I called it PLASM. I am not sure how long or how far the trademark goes, but the word PLAZM, is trademarked and didn’t need or want any fingers shaking in my direction. I am beyondddd excited for this shirt. I am aching to wear this thing. I wish I was wearing it right now, as as soon as I am done writing and posting this, I am heading out to get me some of the Ghostbuster donuts.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do those trick or treat bags this year, and I am happy to say that at this moment of me writing this, HALF of them are sold out. Crazy! I tried to go aboveeee and beyond last year’s. I wish I could talk about this more, but I don’t want to spill the beans. My favorite items in the bag this year, are a few things. Metallic magnets of both Maximum Overdrive and Demon Knight posters, a die cut slimer sticker, are exclusive to the bag, these bootleg mad balls I found, and a particular candy, and an accessory to one of last year’s glow in the dark items. Trust me, this thing is AMAZING.

I wanted to release everything early this year, as I can’t be the only one who likes to celebrate the season ALL MONTH LONG. By the time people got their spooky goodies, they’re already embracing the food coma that is around the corner. It’s OFFICIAL! IT’S OCTOBER! Now hurry up and grab something before they’re gone. 30 more days before the real fun begins, muahahahahahahahaah **cough** ha….uh…ha

Your Fiend,

Update! 8/27

Whoa another update?! That was quick! Well, it’s sort of an update. More like, me being an annoying guy and asking you questions. YES! oh wait…Yes?

So the new (not really new) fall items are ordered and I just heard, will start printing next week! As I said in the last post, it is 5 prints, and 1 new top secret, ain’t gonna show you shirt, that isn’t really knew and you sorta kinda have seen it before. I decided to reprint a Grave Takers design on a new color and shirt. When I first started Grave Takers, I had this idea of making EZ the ZOMBIES and GT, the human punk street gang, ala The Warriors. Obviously it sort of switched directions. But, I had a few zombie pieces that came out, that were honestly, too awesome to just let float inside the vault. So I am bringing it back on a vintage tri-blend red shirt. The next design is Ghoul of Ghouls himself, the Cryp…I mean, The Killector! This is one of my favorite all time Electric Zombie designs, in fact, I never wanted to get rid of it at all. But Kyle, why did you mark it down as final print. GOOD QUESTION! well, brace yourselves….It’s because I wasn’t aware until about a year and a half later, that someone pointed out that he had…get ready…. 6 FINGERS! **INSERT WILHELM SCREAM** That’s right, he has 6 fingers. So, I had to fix that and waited until the right time to bring him back, to tuck you in and read you a DEADtime story. Not every halloween can be about slashers and monsters right? You gotta show some love for the aliens! Alf is back! Hide your black cats, witches, Goredon Shumway, is gonna get em! Creepy haunted houses? Glow in the dark ghosts? BRINGING IT BACK! A last, the most voted shirt of the week long vote is also making its way to conventions and the store front, The Ecto Logo tee. I still have a super secret slime tastic shirt being cooked up, and as soon as it’s done, I’ll be giving you your first TASTE of it. That is, if he doesn’t eat it first!

The rest of this week and weekend will be dedicated to working on 3 new posters for the release. I always ask this question, and I hope it sort of gets helped being answered before they go to print. I am debating on sizing for these things. I am personally a fan of 24x36, but I know that a lot of you complain about wall space and frames and all that crappy stuff. What is your size preference? The example on the left is 24x36 and the one on the right is 18x24? So I ask…. What’s a girl to do? Which do you prefer?

More annoying questions! Last year I came up with an idea before you know, Loot Crate and Dread Box or whatever the hell they are called. It was a trick or treat bag. Basically the same premise and idea as Bark Box ( The originator) except, there’s only 31 bags, all loaded with spooky goodies, for 31 bucks. The challenge this year is to do newer items, and try not to repeat anything from last year. Why the name trick or treat bag? Well, when you look inside, you will either feel tricked “Boooo this is just candy and other horror vintage crap”. or treated, “Woooo this is just candy and other horror vintage crap!”. I am leaning towards doing it again, but if enough people are like, nahhh it sucked, not worth it, then I won’t do it again….probably…maybe. Shown above is part of what I put in the bag last year. SHOULD I? SHOULD I?

Don’t forget, starting Friday, until Midnight on Monday (technically Tuesday) ALL ITEMS will be 25% off, with the code SKOOLSUX. All of it, you name it, it’s on sale. GOTTA USE THE CODE THOUGH! All orders over $50, will receive a free shirt! No way! YES WAY TED! Now, give my love to the princess, and tell all your friends about the sale. Be sure to follow me on instagram (links in the contact section up top) to get a look at all the new prints, and lookie loos at the fall release as it gets printed. Thanks for reading, and please reply with your thoughts VIA social media! Let’s grab some pumpkin spice lattes and get our spooky on! Halloween is right around the corner!


It’s been a bit since the last update. I finally have some news to share, so let’s get it going! The Cowabunga line was a success! At the time, I wasn’t sure what would be limited and what would be sticking around. Sometimes it’s based on sales, sometimes it’s based on print, (how well the shirt came out) as well as gut feelings. I tend to print shirts even though I have a feeling that the audience won’t get it, or it stands out amongst the others. Not that that is a bad thing, it always happens. So after much deliberation, Junkies (Muckman and Joe Eyeball), Mirage (Shredder), Payback (Comic), Spike (Slash), will all be limited to its first initial run. While Henchmen, Nummers, Homeslice, and Projects will be kicking around for a while.

Since we’re on the topic of things getting cut, I have updated the final print section of the store. There’s a nice handful of additions, so be sure to check it out.

October is around the corner and that means 3 things. Halloween is coming! Fall products coming out, and of course….SHOWS. I will be Heading to Atlanta, for Walker Stalker Con. This IS the convention of zombies. They literally have EVERYONE from The Walking Dead here, EVERYONE. Even FX, prop, and costume designers. It should be amazing. I am super excited to be a part of something new and themed and STACKED with guests galore. The a week later, I will be making my way to Spooky in Orlando once again. Can’t wait to hang out with these guys again.

I believe those are all the shows I will be doing in October. Still looking for a few more in the area. Might be doing a few local shows. I will be sure to keep you posted. Check out the 2 shows that I am going here. and

SHOP BUTTON! If you check out the facebook page, you can literally SHOP FROM THERE! so awesome. Be sure to give that a lookie loo

Fall release. I already have plans for fall, and they aren’t TOO exciting. I am bringing back 4 designs that are fitting for the season. I will announce these the next update blog. There will also be 1 new shirt and HOPEFULLY 3 new posters. I am also giving you guys the chance to vote on the 5th shirt to be brought back. I will be taking to Instagram and Facebook to take votes and counts on it. I will announce the winner next Monday. Here are your choices.

I want to do those trick or treat bags again this year. I am not 100% sure I am going to do them, as I want to make sure that I stay within budget and still find cooler and NEWER things to put inside them. I don’t want the same people to buy them to get a frowny face at getting some of the same stuff. Going to be quite the challenge.

There is going to be a mega back to school sale. I am checking with Merch Line to make sure my ideas can happen. Once I hear back, I’ll be making and blasting the graphic with all the details. Finger crossed!

There’s only going to be 2 more releases for the rest of the year. There won’t be an Electric Zombie 7 year box set or release. Sorry guys! I will most likely do a sale and not do the Santa Sucks sale this time around.

That’s it for this update. Lots of cool things in store! Can’t wait to get started on all the new gear and hopefully a new website in the near future. If you have any shows I should check out, be sure to send them my way! Thanks for reading!

Your Fiend,

Turtle Power Returns

There’s a good amount of people asking me what I thought of the new Ninja Turtles movie. At first I wanted to write something up the day after seeing it. But I knew I should see it another time before writing anything. There could be things I missed. Maybe a little bit biased and or excited, that my thought would be clouded. This afternoon I saw it for a second time. Not in 3D and really sat back and watched it. The first time I watched, was yes in 3D, and I was pissed off my theatre didn’t have the cool glasses, and was also excited, because I waited what felt like ETERNITY, to see this movie. They’re aren’t many things that I get excited about. I’m a grouch, mean ol’ negative bastard. But all things TMNT, make Kyle turn into a pile of moosh. If you haven’t seen the movie, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS ANY FURTHER. I will be ranting and bitching and freaking out like a 5 year old, about all topics of the movie. Or if you’re into having things ruined for you, then by all means read away.

I’ll first start off with what I hated

Nokia is a shitty phone. Nokia, obviously paid to have some sort of product placement with the movie. But holy shit did they get screwed. All it showed was, It can’t take a picture. It sucks with low light, and the video option sucks ass. If you were trying to get people to NOT buy your phone, then congratulations.

When Eric Sacks goes to the lab to turn the blood into mutagen, there were 2 canisters or mutagen, when April got there, there was only 1. Maybe they’re saving that for the 2nd movie?

Shredder takes a touch of ooze.. So he touches the ooze… weird. Should that have mutated him? What is a touch going to do?

If TCRI was an established company, why did it change to Sacks Industries?

Shredder invading the sewers so early on in the movie. WAY WAY WAY TOO soon. I almost feel like this should have been done in the next film. We hardly got to see how cool the lair was at all, and you had to go and blow it up.

Splinter looked like a squeaky toy at parts of the movie. If there wasn’t a close up shot of him, he looked worse than Ralph from The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

If Splinter wasn’t asian, or came from Japan, then why the fuck did he dress like a samurai?


Was Sacks really supposed to be Shredder? I think so. I believe that all the fans pouring in their rage that fucked with origin story, that they quickly changed it and added an asian Shredder. Sacks was also seen in Under Armor, which makes me believe that was what he was supposed to wear UNDER the Shredder suit. Plus there is a scene in the B-roll footage, where it appears that he reveals himself to April.

Scarves on the foot soldiers. So Chic

Sacks says he wants to be stupid rich when he sells the antidote? WTF is he, blue collar? Dude lives in a fucking CASTLE.

Donnie “picks up” a van. I thought for sure the van they used would have been the channel 6 one that got demolished at the Sack’s Estate

Couldn’t lift the gate that Splinter dropped down during the Shredder battle, but can hold up a collapsing tower?

TURTLES ON COKE. Oh, I’m sorry “Adreneline”

Adrenaline conveniently placed. JUST PUSH THIS BUTTON! How convenient!

Couldn’t just break the glass, had to show off and do flips out of the glass.

Ninjitstu for dummies… Seriously you learned from a book? Why fuck with that origin?

Splinters voice. Looks, asian, sounds…Italian? I guess it’s better than stereotypical elmo doing an asian voice.

Knoxville. Who knew that Leo was from Tennessee and instead of a New York accent, he picked up a magic southern twang. BACK AWF RAWFFFF. I can’t type an accent. I suck.

“Were going to drain all their blood, even if it kills them” well…it would kill them

People bitching about April saving the turtles and not her dad. Maybe she saw her father dead? Also, keep in mind, SHE’S A FUCKING 10 YEAR OLD GIRL! how about we point the finger at Kirby O’Neil? If you are planning to I dunno, burn down the lab, WHY WOULD YOU BRING APRIL WITH YOU?!

April wants to know all about project renaissance, yet, has a whole fucking box worth of tapes and notebooks, UGHHHH.

Hey bad guys. You want all the turtles for their blood, and see how they are willing to do anything for their sensei, how about you take Splinter, since you already beat the ever living shit out of him, drain his blood and hold him hostage? Create NEW MUTANTS, so when they come for him, WHOAAA AMBUSH MOTHA FUCKA. C’MONNNNN

Donnie saying, OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE GUNS!!! remember all the other times you attacked them? They also had guns then. Pretty sure they had explosives too. They also blew up the lair. So, Surprise? I guess?

No personal history between Shredder and Splinter. I couldn’t get invested in their battle.

Vern and Sacks actors having THE SAME CREEPY DEEP VOICE.

Now I know that it seems there were a ton of things I hated in the movie. These are minor minor minor gripes to me. That’s like saying you saw a hot chick walking down the street, but didn’t like her shoes or some shit. Here’s a list of what I liked.

Usagi Yojimbo nod

Shredders suit change. If you look around for the concepts or leaked images of The Shredder, you will notice they made quite a few changes. They made it less robotic, ditched the razor cape, and made it more samurai-sh. I loved how he looked. I can see him reverting back to the older look in the next movie, blaming the suit for weighing him down and failing.

Baxter Stockman, he was in the flash back April video. Standing in a shot with Eric Sacks and her Father.

Nod to the pizza falling on Splinter like the 1990 movie

Sack’s suit colors a nod to The Shredder cartoon costume colors. purple tie, gray suit. (C’mon, he was totally supposed to be Shredder, you aren’t fooling anyone!)

When Donnie hacked into April’s computer, I could have SWORN I heard the 8-bit version of the theme.

The Lair

Mikey with the cheapskate

The turtles / Shredder looked awesome. There were a few shots of the turtles close up with the eyes and it blew me away.

Opening credits

Theme song. I am not a fan of hip hop or rap or any of that crap, but man that was one theme song. The beat and the Chorus was massively catchy. GO AHEAD, MAKE FUN OF ME!

Shredder’s Dialogue. Although there weren’t many lines, when they hit, they hit hard.

Tower debris, being shown hitting the street/ground and people fleeing. So many movies show shit flying and falling and never show and emphasize that it is causing tons of property damage. Speaking of debri, when Shredder fell, his suit began to come apart. Little touches and details like that make it more believable to me.

There are some things that I noticed that didn’t make it the film. I’m sure there’s more, these are just the things that stood out to me the most. I took some shots from the B-roll footage to show my points. You can also check out the footage yourself here. Raph in disguise

Vern and April in the sewers

Were the foot soldiers supposed to be utroms? (That’s whole lot of bodies hooked up to wires)

Kevin Eastman cameo

Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable movie. You have to remember, the original movie came out 24 years ago. You have this attachment to it, because it’s part of your childhood. We’re always going to be those people we hate, but become, where we think OUR GENERATION was the best and greatest. WHEN I WAS A KID, etc etc. Shit changes. I loved this movie. The humor, and the look of it. The story kind of sucked at times and some scenes seemed pointless or a time filler. A lot felt rushed, and some things didn’t pan out. But that’s what sequels are for. I’m actually excited for the sequel that got confirmed this weekend. I hope they fix the minor flaws in this first go around, and that we all get what we want to see. They did a great job with the turtles, and that what people pay to see. The turtles we grew up with and love, being, well, them. It makes me look past all the other bullshit in the movie that I could gripe about. If they got them wrong, then we’d have some problems. The downfalls of this film, can be fixed. I’m just happy they got something right.


It wasn’t too long ago I released, uhhh, re-released the first TMNT inspired designs. So weird to think that the originals came out 5 years ago. Insane. 5 years later a new batch of creatures has been unleashed. I had this idea festering in my brain, for a good year and a half. I remember being at monster mania in March of 2013, telling people it would be coming back. There were so many ideas that I had that went unhatched from my brain eggs. The original plan, was to do all villains or side characters. That sorta kinda changed and veered. It’s still very much the same vision and plan. But a few characters that might pop up later, were sent to the chopping block. While sending direction to an artist for the Payback design, browsing his work, I came across a few pieces that he did, and BOOM, the Projects design was born. It still heavily features villains, but let’s be honest, the turtles are the focal point and stars of the shirt. The first ideas for this line, were The Homeslice design, Nummers, and Junkies. Actually, the overall idea for the Secret of the Ooze poster, came about 5 years ago, after I released the first line back in 2009, and discovered the clear tubes, way late in the game.

This release was way challenging and the first time I really monitored my money and budget. There were so many different ideas that had to take a dive, but, I look at it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. (again, doesn’t mean you won’t ever see it). It was all packaging ideas that got trashed. Originally I wanted to have each design put in a plastic shell with backer cards that looked like the old packaging for each character. The cost of that alone, would have been about, 5-6 dollars, not including the artwork. To me, it was too much of a gamble, and much more stress on my end. The next idea was going to be a Pizza Face pizza box. My pal, Matt Skiff, was originally going to do it, but he took a day job at Primitive’s Skateboard division, and only had time for the Nummers piece. So, the box never happened. Which, again was a good thing, seeing how 3 months later, Online Blog, and nerd news central, Strange Kid’s Club, apparently had the same idea. Pals at 8-Bit Zombie, did the tube idea, and I was devastated. But, as stated, I wanted to do this 5 years ago with the poster, and I was not going to back out of this idea.

The slime paper of the packaging, was probably the most fun and impressive piece for me in the line / packaging. It’s a mix of 3 things. It’s glow in the dark gak, the current TMNT mutagen, and some random green slime. I took photos, and scanned each item, the gak, unfortunately, did not survive the scanner (let’s take a moment). This paper / poster is really awesome and I can’t believe how great it looks. The sparkles from the current TMNT ooze, the air bubbles from the gak. So amazing. I wish the caps on this thing were a little more fun and easier to work with than the ooze paper. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got them in. In my head, I was like, sure, I’ll just spray paint them, no problem. BOY WAS I WRONG. first, I couldn’t paint them flat, because they are flimsy and rubbery. So I had to scrounge up what poster tubes I had to prop them on and paint them that way. I was only able to get 3 tubes. So I painted around 6 caps per hour. So it took me almost a week to paint all 100 caps. The thing that also sucked was that paint doesn’t take to rubber so well. I even had industrial paint, used for machinery and cars. I prepped the tubes, and then put them in the box, and would take them out to put them in the shipping tubes and they would be stuck to each other and paint would come off. I started painting these outside, and if there was the smallest gust of wind, BYE BYE TUBES, hope you like grass and dirt on your caps. UGHHHHHHHH. The simplest thing turned into the biggest nightmare.

The poster itself, is probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite poster that I have ever done. I have had a lot of people compliment me on the border. I just love this thing. As soon as I am done getting this written and put up, I have a frame and matting waiting for it to be put up on the wall. The colors, the graffiti, everything, this thing is great. I originally wanted this to be screen printed with all metallic inks, but it was just so many colors, and it made more sense budget wise to do it on a nice matte thick paper, and order more and get more bang for my buck. It felt super good to sign these prints at Merch Line this week. The amount of time that it took to do the poster, make the mutagen paper, the tubes, and the last little t to cross and i to dot, was signing and numbering these. It was a huge sigh of relief and it was a moment of wow, this is finally done and coming out.

The print quality on these shirts, is seriously fantastic. I wore the Projects shirt yesterday at Tampa Bay Comic Con, and I was sweating major balls being outside in a line for over an hour and the ink was just as soft as the shirt. I hate wearing a shirt with thick ink, to where it sticks to you when it gets hot. WORST….EVER. I would have to say my favorite shirt of the bunch, is definitely Projects. It’s a mix of 3 video games. The main character select screen from the arcade game, the NES intro for Tournament Fighters (which wasn’t a standard fighting game like the original) , and of course, the regular version of Tournament Fighters, with of course my own character changes / additions

Once again there were 2 last minute products added. The Shellback Pack, and the Payback poster. 5 years ago, I put in gummy pizzas in the orders and I was looking for those exact ones again, and then there they were, NINJA TURTLE GUMMY PIZZAS, WHAT?! clicked, bought, and then saw the masks in related products, and ideas just kept coming and coming, and I was finally like, ok, this needs to be a pack. With the poster, after seeing the shirt being printed, it just didn’t come out the way it does and looks on the screen. That’s the nature of t-shirts sometimes. You’re taking something and putting on cloth. With things that are full colors, it’s hard to replicate that perfectly. The shirt, looks great. But it’s much duller and darker, and I felt that EVERYONE needed to see it and have it as it was intended. I decided to add it, literally 36 hours ago. I felt like it was a must have and must do.

I could sit here and talk about how awesome these shirts are and how much work and thought went into it, but let’s face it, it clearly shows. With this being the 30 year anniversary of the Ninja Turtles, and the new movie, and all these cool products coming out, I just had to throw my name and brain into the hat. TMNT is just one of those things, that I love so much and takes me back to being a kid, playing outside with my friends with these toys. Taking cardboard boxes, and turning them into buildings and cutting holes at the bottom flaps so it looked like a manhole, and pushing the turtles through. Playing on the playground after school, reenacting the first movie. The jello, the pudding pies, the juice boxes, the comics, AHHH AHHH AHHHHHHH! I love the turtles! I can’t to wear one of these bad boys to the movie next week. Now, to pick which one? Decisions, decisions.


Holy crap it’s been a really long time since the last update blog. Tons of stuff has happened in the almost 2 months since the last one. I closed on my house, I moved, I sold at a convention, and started planning/working the new line. All notes and tidbits that are about to be covered in this long time coming update blog.

So I closed on my house on the 28th of May, and I couldn’t enjoy and get to moving. Instead, I headed to May-Hem, a horror convention in Orlando. There were a bunch of pros and cons to this show. Well, the cons, or CON, I should say, is financials. The pros were, this was being the first show back in Florida in almost 2 years. It was unbelievable to see so many EZ fans and supporters. There had been people throughout the years, who had said, I saw someone wearing EZ today. Never believing them. But man, there were at least 50 people. I know that sounds super small. But for starters, this show wasn’t that big. On top of that, tons of people were dressed up, or wearing band tees. I’m so used to seeing people wear officially licensed tees and of course Fright Rags, but it was way different at this show. Was pretty awesome. I also got to meet a bunch of people who have followed me throughout the years. Met a bunch of cool people like Mark Patton and Roddy Piper, whom all got copies of my poster I designed. Might do some side work for the both of them down the road, we’ll have to wait and see. I got to meet designers, and other vendors, who remembered me from the last show in Florida I did. Previous fans from the past show. I took a really awesome picture, which I sadly, never saved and can’t find. He’s an instagram follower of mine, and we took this awesome picture of him dressed as Paul Bearer, urn and all, with 2 of his friends dressed as Mankind and Kane. It was pretty fantastic. He also brought me a cupcake, as he knew I was a fellow baker. That ruled.

I also tried out a new display set up for this show. Which worked out pretty well and looked great. I’ll still be using the other set up I have of all the beat up, torn to shreds, collage art. This is more for shows where they justify a space being 6 feet. Terrible. My favorite EZ fan, Matt Turri, was at the show, and his brother Nick also attended and got some shots of the booth and some dumb shots of my mug.

Overall, I’ll probably do this show again. They have another show in the fall, that I will do, if that turns out bad, then I’ll probably write them off and stay at home. I’m not against making some money, but no money, that’s the problem. I did their fall show in 2012, and I had the same dilemma. People go there for the autographs and celebs, while I go to shows like these for the vendors, toys, and weird shit.

The whole time at the show, I was getting super antsy, wishing I was moving into my house and doing something productive. The whole move process, took about 4 weeks, from moving to unpacking, to putting furniture together, putting everything where I wanted it. It was super grueling. Especially doing 90% of it by myself. Lots of driving back and forth. There’s still a lot to do. Guest room is empty. Master bedroom is boring. Lets not talk about the Master bath either, actually both baths. I WANT IT ALL DONE NOW! WAH! I feel like I am settling and half assing, and I hate half assing. I had to make sure my office was done first, as I did an interview with my pal Jeremy, which you can check out here. I still have a few things to add to my office poster wise, but for the most part, that’s it. I miss my other office, which was super bright and a massive 14x21 feet. While this one is more custom, new and 11x11 foot square. I love this new house. Just getting impatient, and wanting it to get it 100% how I want it. I’m sure I’ll be posting photos of the new place soon enough.

As soon as I blasted out that interview, I quickly started on the new Electric Zombie line, and updated my portfolio, which you can check out here. . The new EZ stuff, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about it’s theme. It’s pretty blatant. I worked on a poster and shirt and honestly, I am still waiting on other artwork. I have 2 other designs, which will blow faces off. Currently waiting on other artists to send me their stuff. If all goes to plan, I should have 5 more shirts, and a poster to put out, and I am still debating if I want to do a semi custom shirt, as well as house hold accessory. This is going to be super last minute, which is out of my control and not like me at all. I’m telling you moving can do numbers to you! Hopefully all the other guys come through, as the new line is going to be ordered on Monday! Holy crap 3 days. Previews should start popping up next week. So be on the look out, trust me, it’s a good one.

One thing I can guarantee for this line, and future lines, is way less size Small. I don’t know if my fan base is getting bigger, (I am guilty of this) or it’s changing demographics or what. This year I decided to cut extra small, and soon, small will be on that list. What used to be the highest selling size is now the lowest. Crazy. So, I will be focusing on more of the larger sizes. Large - 2x to be exact. So big dudes rejoice! (P.S. I LOVE YOU)

If you are a lingering extra small fan, be sure to check out the Merch Now store, as that’s where all the left over extra smalls are. If you really want some old old old stuff, hit up the newly restocked Grab bags, which have designs from as far back as 4 years ago, CRAZY! That goes for all you other fans out there. TONS of old designs are hiding out in those archives, waiting for your nasty fingers to touch. It had been 2 years since they have restocked those bundles. Loads of old stuff in there. At a bargain at that! 15 buckeroos for 2 shirts? That’s insanity. If you have been wishing you hadn’t slept on an older design, this is your best bet to grab it (OH PUNS!) head over to the Electric Zombie close out store here.

Now, when people hear the words CLOSE OUT together, they assume that I am going out of business. Sorta kinda true. I have broke this down before (I think) but here is the reality of it all. I first started EZ in 07, when I got a job with Warner, stopped working with Rockett, and decided to do my own thing. Was supposed to move out to cali to continue to work with Warner. Seriously, was packed , had a lease signed, it was a done deal. Until they decided to not pay me more. I thought to myself, why would I move to LA, to make the same, and be poor? They also wanted to buy Electric Zombie and offered me a crap deal. At the time, I had been doing lots a freelance (which if I moved to LA, I wouldn’t have been ALLOWED to do) for Merch Now, and told them that the Warner deal fell through. They flew me out, and the rest is history. What was it they did that made me want to take the job? For starters, the already 2 year relationship I had with a couple of the guys that worked there. The scenery was awesome. I honestly miss it every now and again, ok, maybe a lot. The fact that they seemed like they NEEDED and appreciated what I could bring to the table, and lastly, they said they would front all costs for new Electric Zombie product and take the cost of product from the sale of said items. Popularity grew as well as my ideas, and I just did more and more and more. Even excessive 40+ item releases. I didn’t have to worry about fronting thousands and thousands of dollars. I instead took my massive 20k+ months (for almost 2 years straight) I was having (my cut) and paying for crazy jackets, jeans, and other custom items. It wasn’t long before they offered to front those costs as well. At that point, something happened, relationships soured. I was getting burnt out on being the only shirt designer there. Warped tour was a nightmare. Things were happening with the company, and I was feeling some of the heat from it. I’m one of those people who builds up a tension to where it gets to an explosive point, and well, there was an explosion. Now, don’t get me wrong, those guys didn’t screw me over, or do anything. I owe pretty much everything to them. I just didn’t want things to get brutal and ugly. When I moved back to Florida, it made sense to take the business with me, as I am a control freak who likes to see and have my hands on literally everything. I can’t trust to put in an order with a printer and hope that when the box gets dropped off at the door, that it’s going to turn out right. I did that for the first year of Electric Zombie’s existence, and it was grueling and mega stressful. Merch Line, now prints and does mail order. So, here we are. I didn’t want to leave Merch Now high and dry, as they did everything for me an my brands for almost 5 years. So I did (and still doing a mega clear out) on their side of things. Things are literally at cost. I am not making ANY money. So if you are a supporter of the brand, want some cheap shirts, please help me, and Merch Now out, by buying something from their store. It will be pretty much the ONLY chance you can get these items. I started out this year with almost 150 items, and now were are below 50.

So now, the future….Is EZ closing down? Nope. At least not yet. I can see why people would get that vibe. This whole HOUSE thing, really screwed me over big time. I was supposed to close in March, but because I am self employed, I had to wait extra long for my tax transcripts so I could close on the house. That took nearly 3 months. So that impacted the summer line. (Almost impacted the wrestling line in April as well). You can’t make any huge purchases. Lenders are CONSTANTLY watching your bank accounts every month. All statements, everything. It sucks. When I closed, the lenders also told me I needed 5k MORE than previously estimated to close, and dropped that on me the day of closing. So I had to scramble to come up with money and have been basically living day to day, hoping my clients with band design pay me, so I can stop using now almost maxed out credit cards. So the reality is, real life is impacting the EZ life. I don’t have the Merch Now, financial backing and deal like I used to. You gotta have money to spend it. On top of that. I’m not sure what is going on with the brand. Did having 2 stores confuse everyone? Do people just not give a crap about the brand anymore? Has it fizzled out? Do the designs suck? It’s just not what it was before. Making over 20 thousand a month, to maybe 2 thousand a month. It’s terrible. I am basically taking what I make and putting it right back in. Now that I am not living rent free with family, and I have a 5 month old son, it’s making it super hard to actually be able to carry on. It’s more of a priority thing. Before, I could do WHATEVER I want. Now I can’t. I had people hound me for years to bring back the Ninja Turtle stuff, I do, and I still have a good amount of it. I ask everyone to vote on what previous designs from Merch Now, to bring over to the new store. Everyone voted on a shirt, and I maybe sold 25 of them. (Granted it’s only been a month, but that is still pathetic) I just don’t get it. It’s fine. I’m not sad about it by any means. I could and would switch the way things are released. Instead of lines, or themed lines, it would be releasing items spread out and whenever I can. Much like Johnny Cupcakes, Fright Rags, and 8-Bit Zombie. I am just so used to doing this routine for so long, that doing anything different, freaks me out. So, what can you expect? No more hoodies, no more tank tops, probably no more custom items, like jackets and jeans and all of that. I might still do the occasional Dead Head, Sticker Pack, Pillow , Wrestling Buddy (Deadies). But that would all have to be about timing and if it’s financially smart. It’s basically going to be T-shirts and Posters and who knows how long that will go on for. Some things sell out immediately, and some things stay around for forever. It’s becoming hard and harder to gauge and I have no idea, what will happen in future releases. It seems like everyone buys the first few days and then it fizzles out, instead of it being this constant buy buy buy mode.

Am I sad and trying to make you feel bad, or even some of you probably cheering at a possible EZ demise? Nope. I just like being truthful to all my fans and not put up this front of doing great or make up some lame excuse to why these things are happening. The short version of this story is. I don’t have someone paying for everything, I moved, had a kid, bought a house, have to pay for everything, product isn’t moving like it used to, future unknown.

I still have 3 more lines planned, and some shows I want to do this year and next. After it’s all said and done. I might take a step back and see where I want to go. It might be a few shirts a year. Or it might pick up steam and go back to normal. But just like in life and everything else in it, it’s unknown. But I felt like all my fans (and enemies) should know what’s going on, and how real life stresses and realities are impacting the brand(s).

On a happier note, theres a massive store wide sale going on in the store for the Holiday weekend. Enter the word KABOOM at check out and receive 40% off EVERYTHING, even final print. The sale comes down on Sunday night, so don’t sleep on it! Enjoy your weekend, blow shit up, eat some meat, and try and keep your eyebrows! Until next time, with new line teasers!

Update 5/18

There wasn’t much to report last week, so I’m a week late with an update! Oh no! All the Wrestling Deadies (buddies) have been shipped! If you haven’t received yours yet, keep a lookout on your mailbox, or door step. THEY’RE COMING! There’s actually 3 extra Hogan ones in the store now. I have no idea when I will be restocking them, plus they take a few weeks to produce. So if you want em’ go get em’!

I have pretty much driven this home in every single update, but, this one is a little different. I have completely dropped everything for Grave Takers AND Electric Zombie down to COST, that’s right COST, which means, I am making ZERO MONEY. (50 cents if I am lucky) over on the MERCH NOW storefront This is the final clear out on this product. When this close out first started, it was almost 150 items, just for EZ alone. Now we are down to 59. It’s been crazy. Things are moving in fast forward to make the Merch Line store, the main and ONLY place you can get both brands. This is the lowest these will ever be over at MerchNOW, DO NOT MISS OUT!

Speaking of making Merch Line, the one and only store, the first 3 designs from the past that are being kept are printed and will be hitting the store VERY VERY Soon. I will be taking a good portion to May-Hem in less than 2 weeks and soon after, they will hit online. These designs are all a tad different. The Marshmallow man, is darker and more bold and in your face. The Freddy (pop claw) design has some colors added and is way more neon and the brand name is new and improved. Never sleep again is redone, but still keeping the classic look. I know I have touched on this last time. These upgrades are awesome and much needed. They of course have the printed tag and come bagged and folded.

Speaking of May-hem, like I just covered, attendees will be able to get their hands on them first. I will be bringing the 3 upgrades, 3 designs from the Merch Line store, some older posters, and 2 new posters. You will also be able to get these cheaper than online. This is going to be the first show I have done since August of Last year. WHOA, can’t believe it’s been that long. Because all my stuff is STILL in storage because I haven’t moved yet, there will be a whole new display and set up I am trying out. Hoping it’s a little more convenient and neat and tidy. Can’t wait to try it out, and finally meet my fellow floridians since I am back where it all started. Should be an awesome time.

My head has been bonkers lately since nearing the end of the summer tour design time. I keep forgetting that not everyone realizes that I design for band’s primarily and that these clothing brands are just something fun I do on the side. This time of year is just complete insanity. My job is already hard, as most of the time I am told to just do whatever I want. With this, not only is this the case, it’s for 20+ bands all at once. I did work for 23 bands for this year’s warped tour. It was so tough to try and make sure that EVERYONE’S stuff looked different. Biggest challenge. Throw that in with the fact that I still haven’t closed on my house, not having my belongings, being a dad, running 2 brands, and having to deal with the fact that my line I had planned for June is no longer, I have been in stress mode 11. I have been trying new things like go to the beach (I fucking hate the beach) but in the end, I end up going back to my old habits, and that’s….BUYING TOYS. Every time I’m on the verge of flipping out, I either shave my head, or go on a toy buying spree. Sometimes both. I need something to make me feel like I am doing all this work and having something to show for it, especially with my freak outs. So this week’s mail week was pretty interesting to say the least. Check out what I picked up either in stores, ebay, or conventions. Oh, this isn’t everything. If you follow me on instagram, you can see everything as I buy it for the most part.

This week I decided I wanted to do something nutty, something crazy, and maybe a little bit stupid. On Wednesday, May 21st, I am doing the biggest, most ridiculous sale ever. Nearly EVERYTHING will be $5 Seriously, everything. There are a few things that won’t be. I will be putting things on final print, that will be $5, all posters but the Robocop 2 poster will be $5. Dead Heads will be $5 the shirts I plan on keeping will be marked down to $10. Hoodies will be on sale too, I just don’t know the prices just yet. This was such a split second, last minute decision. I just want people to be aware of the newer store, and clear out a lot of stuff thats lingering in certain sizes so I can reprint a design. Also, getting rid of that annoying final print stuff would be awesome as well. I’m super OCD and if something sits for too long I get anxious. So get ready and pleaseeeee spread the word. Most of this stuff is already almost gone as is, and even if there’s a good amount left, chances are, it won’t last or be up for very long.

Next week’s blog should be a good one. Might have some interesting news to share, talk about the August line, possibly show the new convention set up, as well as a new poster. UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

Update! Week of 4/21 (even though I’m posting it a day later!)

I’m a day behind on the update, AH! Things are starting to get hectic work wise with me. Warped Tour season is about to begin, so those behind the scenes, it sort of starts 2 months prior. I am about to make my rounds with a pile of merch designs for almost 4 hands worth of bands. It’s going to be a crazy crazy month. I was trying to get things in order for the next EZ release and stuff for the May-Hem Horror convention happening at the end of next month. Finally caught up, before the poo poos starts to hit the fan starting tomorrow. That being said, UPDATE TIME!

The votes are in, and you guys voted Stay Tuff back into the line up. I plan on bringing in older / popular / best sellers, into the Merch Line store front super soon. I will gradually be adding them in throughout the year, and most likely next year as well. SO MUCH PRODUCT! Even though I am ANTI PREORDER, I’m thinking about putting these 3 on preorder so no one has to wait for the release date, or when they are done and printed for the May-Hem show next month. People will be able to order and get them before they actually get put in the store. Plus as a no brainer, it helps pay for itself. The prices for these shirts are going to be much lower than the Merch Now store. spanning from 16-20, and will be much lower with shipping rates as well. Plus everything will have the print tags, and bagged and folded nicely. Should be awesome. I haven’t 100% decided to do the pre order, but it’s looking very likely. If it does indeed happen, I am looking to launch sometime this week. Not sure if anyone can tell, but these designs have been tweaked a tad. The original Stay Tuff, came in at a whopping 14 colors. I actually got it down to 8 with no half toning whatsoever. I sent it to the printers to see if they can work their magic to bring the colors down even more. You can’t even tell, and looks pretty awesome. What that also will mean is a lower price. WIN / WIN! The Insomniac design is completely revamped. New texture, updated text, better drips, better everything. The color will be more blood red as well. The Pop Claw design is slightly changed. Something that bothered me about the design was the lack of aqua and the fact that the claw leather just meshed in with the sweater. So I went ahead and made that aqua. I also redid the text on the shirt as I am and have been constantly approving my logos and penmanship. So it’s a slight change, but a necessary one. I can’t wait to get these out there and on the new store. The small changes are great ones and so is the lower price points! If they do end up going on pre order, I will be sure to blast out for everyone to snag!

This weekend, I put up a flash sale on the Grave Takers’ polo, back pack, Electric Zombie’s Outbreak and Bizarro Hoodies for $5! This will only last for the rest of the month, or obviously until they sell out. The Bizarro Hoodie, as of this writing is sold out in 3 sizes and has less than 50 pieces total between all the sizes. I am trying to eliminate as much stock on the Merch Now side as possible. So if you want these items or ANYTHING from their store front. You better act fast because I am looking to start completely fresh sooner than you think!

I have been massively slacking in the Free Shit Friday department. I have been super super swamped with work. Seems like Fridays are my busiest day now. I have something spooky in store for this week. Be sure to follow me on instagram (username / kyleisez) to take part. It’s going to be a good one!

I received an update on the WRESTLING DEADIES this morning. The fabric has arrived! They are going to be assembled ASAP and will be shipped out to me at the end of every day, whatever is done for that day. So these guys could be going out to those who are waiting as soon as FRIDAY! If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I would do so, as I will be updating as soon as I know something.

Speaking of Instagram, if you don’t already follow me, you should know before hand you are going to see the following BOMBARDMENT of many things. Crap I buy, my son, food, and designs, as well as any bit of EZ/Grave Takers news, peeks, etc etc. I usually post anything I get in the mail or buy, and I have been slacking on that as well. Proof right there that I have been slammed! So instead of piling on posts on there, I figured I would show what I got in the past 2 weeks in the mail. So much great stuff, and super big thanks to Bruckaroni, for snagging me those Ghostbusters pieces at the art show last weekend!

That’s it for this week! Until next time!

Weekly update! 4/19

Another week down and time for another EZ update! Preorders of the EZ Wrestling DEADIES has ended! It was beyond successful. I had a bunch of people tell me it would be, and I just would not listen! Every time I do ANYTHING “limited”, it usually backfires. This time was definitely not the case. It sold BEYOND my expectations. In case you missed the news/update the “MADNESS” one will NOT be returning. The “IMMORTAL” ones will be going in regular circulation in the webstore. For those of you who ordered. They have been sent to the manufacturer and will begin production in the next week or so. An order will be sent out EVERY DAY with however many are completed. So there won’t be this wait time for everyone. They will be sent out each day as we get them, in the order they were placed. Which is loads better than waiting for the order to be completed. I also ordered some extra Immortal ones to add to the webstore. Thank you all so so so much for making it a success. Can’t wait to do next year’s or maybe even some non wrestling related ones!

The rest of the legends line is RUNNING EXTREMELY LOW. There’s only 15 box sets left and all the shirts are running super low. Especially Massacre (Mankind). The only shirts sticking around from this series is Demolished and Authority. The rest are going BYE BYE FOREVER!

There’s actually a massive clear out going on right now on the Merch Line store right now. Dead Heads, Hoodies, shirts and more, all on a final print/run sale. DO NOT WAIT! This is your last chance to grab these items.

Speaking of running low, The Baxter Boxes are almost gone. Only 15 of these as well! But… they won’t be available as a set anymore. Starting Monday. I will be pulling them down. Simply because the Thrasher tee (shredder) is marked at final print, and the only reward from getting this box is for the stickers, slime, secret shirt, and secret poster. But, you can buy the secret shirt now. The price of that (if you bought them all separately) is $70, for a $100 box, you’re basically buying the poster and box for 30 bucks, which to me isn’t right. But if you want to buy it with all those goodies, YOU HAVE UNTIL MONDAY and the box set will be taken down. On Monday the Secret shirt and poster will be unlocked and REVEALED! FINALLY! The first 15 orders of the secret shirt will get the leftover Baxter Box, FOR FREE! You will however have to pay for the shipping on the box, so please be aware if you see that it costs a higher price for the shirt. I am super excited to be able to finally reveal this design. It’s truly one of EZ’s all time bests!

Since we’re talking about things running low and running out. I want to remind everyone about the Merch Now clear out. On June 1st I am forecasting to be out of pretty much EVERYTHING and will be focusing on bringing the designs from there over to the Merch Line store. As discussed last week I am going to be starting to bring in those items very very soon. In fact, I am going to be ordering the first 3 designs on the 28th. The first 2 DEFINITE designs are going to be 2 Freddy designs. One being the Never Sleep Again and the Pop Claw designs. The next design is UP TO YOU! you can chose one of the designs listed below. To make it easier, since it IS really small. The designs are from top to bottom / left to right. Beavis and Butt-Head, Stay Tuff, Haunted House with glow in the dark ghosts, Sam from trick r treat, Escape, Shield, Jason 007, Alf, and Jason’s masks. Obviously, these aren’t the names of the designs. Just figured this would be easier. Voting will end on Friday. The one with the most votes will be printed first. I will be selecting the next 3, another month later (I pretty much have these selected already). Be sure to chime in and make your vote count!

In case you were wondering why I didn’t have you guys vote for the ENTIRE 3 to be brought back, is because in May, I will be doing the MAY-HEM convention. The headliners this year are John Carpenter and Robert Englund. So I HAD to bring those back. Each design will be getting a tad face lift. Just going to tweak and make things better, brighter, and cleaner. I might be bringing back a few other things as well. WHO KNOWS?! Might even make some new things! Want to come to the event or just check out what it’s about and who’s going? Head over to . Can’t wait to be back to doing shows again! More to come soon!

Now I guess for some bad news. I was originally going to have a summer line come out, of around 5-8 shirts on Friday, June 13th. But because of tax reasons, I wasn’t able to close on my house (yay being self employed). So once my transcripts are ready I can close on my house and move in. I have no idea when that will be. I was told as long as JUNE! What sucks about that is, I can’t make any big purchases UNTIL I close. So that means a whole new line. it REALLLLYYYY sucks. But now what I was going to do in June is going to happen in December (it has a theme) so now I have to hurry, close, move and get some older items in the Merch Line store, and then focus on a new line that is probably NOT SO SECRET, coming out in August. I know it comes as a major bummer, but it’s basically out of my hands. I hope you all will be patient and understand and stick with me through this long and grueling process. It bums me out that I can’t share any of my nutty new ideas until August, but it will be worth the wait. I promise. BLAH