Holy crap it’s been a really long time since the last update blog. Tons of stuff has happened in the almost 2 months since the last one. I closed on my house, I moved, I sold at a convention, and started planning/working the new line. All notes and tidbits that are about to be covered in this long time coming update blog.

So I closed on my house on the 28th of May, and I couldn’t enjoy and get to moving. Instead, I headed to May-Hem, a horror convention in Orlando. There were a bunch of pros and cons to this show. Well, the cons, or CON, I should say, is financials. The pros were, this was being the first show back in Florida in almost 2 years. It was unbelievable to see so many EZ fans and supporters. There had been people throughout the years, who had said, I saw someone wearing EZ today. Never believing them. But man, there were at least 50 people. I know that sounds super small. But for starters, this show wasn’t that big. On top of that, tons of people were dressed up, or wearing band tees. I’m so used to seeing people wear officially licensed tees and of course Fright Rags, but it was way different at this show. Was pretty awesome. I also got to meet a bunch of people who have followed me throughout the years. Met a bunch of cool people like Mark Patton and Roddy Piper, whom all got copies of my poster I designed. Might do some side work for the both of them down the road, we’ll have to wait and see. I got to meet designers, and other vendors, who remembered me from the last show in Florida I did. Previous fans from the past show. I took a really awesome picture, which I sadly, never saved and can’t find. He’s an instagram follower of mine, and we took this awesome picture of him dressed as Paul Bearer, urn and all, with 2 of his friends dressed as Mankind and Kane. It was pretty fantastic. He also brought me a cupcake, as he knew I was a fellow baker. That ruled.

I also tried out a new display set up for this show. Which worked out pretty well and looked great. I’ll still be using the other set up I have of all the beat up, torn to shreds, collage art. This is more for shows where they justify a space being 6 feet. Terrible. My favorite EZ fan, Matt Turri, was at the show, and his brother Nick also attended and got some shots of the booth and some dumb shots of my mug.

Overall, I’ll probably do this show again. They have another show in the fall, that I will do, if that turns out bad, then I’ll probably write them off and stay at home. I’m not against making some money, but no money, that’s the problem. I did their fall show in 2012, and I had the same dilemma. People go there for the autographs and celebs, while I go to shows like these for the vendors, toys, and weird shit.

The whole time at the show, I was getting super antsy, wishing I was moving into my house and doing something productive. The whole move process, took about 4 weeks, from moving to unpacking, to putting furniture together, putting everything where I wanted it. It was super grueling. Especially doing 90% of it by myself. Lots of driving back and forth. There’s still a lot to do. Guest room is empty. Master bedroom is boring. Lets not talk about the Master bath either, actually both baths. I WANT IT ALL DONE NOW! WAH! I feel like I am settling and half assing, and I hate half assing. I had to make sure my office was done first, as I did an interview with my pal Jeremy, which you can check out here. http://jeremyrichie.net/the-back-and-forth/2014/6/26/the-back-forth-w-kyle-crawford I still have a few things to add to my office poster wise, but for the most part, that’s it. I miss my other office, which was super bright and a massive 14x21 feet. While this one is more custom, new and 11x11 foot square. I love this new house. Just getting impatient, and wanting it to get it 100% how I want it. I’m sure I’ll be posting photos of the new place soon enough.

As soon as I blasted out that interview, I quickly started on the new Electric Zombie line, and updated my portfolio, which you can check out here. http://get86d.com . The new EZ stuff, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about it’s theme. It’s pretty blatant. I worked on a poster and shirt and honestly, I am still waiting on other artwork. I have 2 other designs, which will blow faces off. Currently waiting on other artists to send me their stuff. If all goes to plan, I should have 5 more shirts, and a poster to put out, and I am still debating if I want to do a semi custom shirt, as well as house hold accessory. This is going to be super last minute, which is out of my control and not like me at all. I’m telling you moving can do numbers to you! Hopefully all the other guys come through, as the new line is going to be ordered on Monday! Holy crap 3 days. Previews should start popping up next week. So be on the look out, trust me, it’s a good one.

One thing I can guarantee for this line, and future lines, is way less size Small. I don’t know if my fan base is getting bigger, (I am guilty of this) or it’s changing demographics or what. This year I decided to cut extra small, and soon, small will be on that list. What used to be the highest selling size is now the lowest. Crazy. So, I will be focusing on more of the larger sizes. Large - 2x to be exact. So big dudes rejoice! (P.S. I LOVE YOU)

If you are a lingering extra small fan, be sure to check out the Merch Now store, as that’s where all the left over extra smalls are. If you really want some old old old stuff, hit up the newly restocked Grab bags, which have designs from as far back as 4 years ago, CRAZY! That goes for all you other fans out there. TONS of old designs are hiding out in those archives, waiting for your nasty fingers to touch. It had been 2 years since they have restocked those bundles. Loads of old stuff in there. At a bargain at that! 15 buckeroos for 2 shirts? That’s insanity. If you have been wishing you hadn’t slept on an older design, this is your best bet to grab it (OH PUNS!) head over to the Electric Zombie close out store here. http://electriczombie.merchnow.com/

Now, when people hear the words CLOSE OUT together, they assume that I am going out of business. Sorta kinda true. I have broke this down before (I think) but here is the reality of it all. I first started EZ in 07, when I got a job with Warner, stopped working with Rockett, and decided to do my own thing. Was supposed to move out to cali to continue to work with Warner. Seriously, was packed , had a lease signed, it was a done deal. Until they decided to not pay me more. I thought to myself, why would I move to LA, to make the same, and be poor? They also wanted to buy Electric Zombie and offered me a crap deal. At the time, I had been doing lots a freelance (which if I moved to LA, I wouldn’t have been ALLOWED to do) for Merch Now, and told them that the Warner deal fell through. They flew me out, and the rest is history. What was it they did that made me want to take the job? For starters, the already 2 year relationship I had with a couple of the guys that worked there. The scenery was awesome. I honestly miss it every now and again, ok, maybe a lot. The fact that they seemed like they NEEDED and appreciated what I could bring to the table, and lastly, they said they would front all costs for new Electric Zombie product and take the cost of product from the sale of said items. Popularity grew as well as my ideas, and I just did more and more and more. Even excessive 40+ item releases. I didn’t have to worry about fronting thousands and thousands of dollars. I instead took my massive 20k+ months (for almost 2 years straight) I was having (my cut) and paying for crazy jackets, jeans, and other custom items. It wasn’t long before they offered to front those costs as well. At that point, something happened, relationships soured. I was getting burnt out on being the only shirt designer there. Warped tour was a nightmare. Things were happening with the company, and I was feeling some of the heat from it. I’m one of those people who builds up a tension to where it gets to an explosive point, and well, there was an explosion. Now, don’t get me wrong, those guys didn’t screw me over, or do anything. I owe pretty much everything to them. I just didn’t want things to get brutal and ugly. When I moved back to Florida, it made sense to take the business with me, as I am a control freak who likes to see and have my hands on literally everything. I can’t trust to put in an order with a printer and hope that when the box gets dropped off at the door, that it’s going to turn out right. I did that for the first year of Electric Zombie’s existence, and it was grueling and mega stressful. Merch Line, now prints and does mail order. So, here we are. I didn’t want to leave Merch Now high and dry, as they did everything for me an my brands for almost 5 years. So I did (and still doing a mega clear out) on their side of things. Things are literally at cost. I am not making ANY money. So if you are a supporter of the brand, want some cheap shirts, please help me, and Merch Now out, by buying something from their store. It will be pretty much the ONLY chance you can get these items. I started out this year with almost 150 items, and now were are below 50.

So now, the future….Is EZ closing down? Nope. At least not yet. I can see why people would get that vibe. This whole HOUSE thing, really screwed me over big time. I was supposed to close in March, but because I am self employed, I had to wait extra long for my tax transcripts so I could close on the house. That took nearly 3 months. So that impacted the summer line. (Almost impacted the wrestling line in April as well). You can’t make any huge purchases. Lenders are CONSTANTLY watching your bank accounts every month. All statements, everything. It sucks. When I closed, the lenders also told me I needed 5k MORE than previously estimated to close, and dropped that on me the day of closing. So I had to scramble to come up with money and have been basically living day to day, hoping my clients with band design pay me, so I can stop using now almost maxed out credit cards. So the reality is, real life is impacting the EZ life. I don’t have the Merch Now, financial backing and deal like I used to. You gotta have money to spend it. On top of that. I’m not sure what is going on with the brand. Did having 2 stores confuse everyone? Do people just not give a crap about the brand anymore? Has it fizzled out? Do the designs suck? It’s just not what it was before. Making over 20 thousand a month, to maybe 2 thousand a month. It’s terrible. I am basically taking what I make and putting it right back in. Now that I am not living rent free with family, and I have a 5 month old son, it’s making it super hard to actually be able to carry on. It’s more of a priority thing. Before, I could do WHATEVER I want. Now I can’t. I had people hound me for years to bring back the Ninja Turtle stuff, I do, and I still have a good amount of it. I ask everyone to vote on what previous designs from Merch Now, to bring over to the new store. Everyone voted on a shirt, and I maybe sold 25 of them. (Granted it’s only been a month, but that is still pathetic) I just don’t get it. It’s fine. I’m not sad about it by any means. I could and would switch the way things are released. Instead of lines, or themed lines, it would be releasing items spread out and whenever I can. Much like Johnny Cupcakes, Fright Rags, and 8-Bit Zombie. I am just so used to doing this routine for so long, that doing anything different, freaks me out. So, what can you expect? No more hoodies, no more tank tops, probably no more custom items, like jackets and jeans and all of that. I might still do the occasional Dead Head, Sticker Pack, Pillow , Wrestling Buddy (Deadies). But that would all have to be about timing and if it’s financially smart. It’s basically going to be T-shirts and Posters and who knows how long that will go on for. Some things sell out immediately, and some things stay around for forever. It’s becoming hard and harder to gauge and I have no idea, what will happen in future releases. It seems like everyone buys the first few days and then it fizzles out, instead of it being this constant buy buy buy mode.

Am I sad and trying to make you feel bad, or even some of you probably cheering at a possible EZ demise? Nope. I just like being truthful to all my fans and not put up this front of doing great or make up some lame excuse to why these things are happening. The short version of this story is. I don’t have someone paying for everything, I moved, had a kid, bought a house, have to pay for everything, product isn’t moving like it used to, future unknown.

I still have 3 more lines planned, and some shows I want to do this year and next. After it’s all said and done. I might take a step back and see where I want to go. It might be a few shirts a year. Or it might pick up steam and go back to normal. But just like in life and everything else in it, it’s unknown. But I felt like all my fans (and enemies) should know what’s going on, and how real life stresses and realities are impacting the brand(s).

On a happier note, theres a massive store wide sale going on in the store for the Holiday weekend. Enter the word KABOOM at check out and receive 40% off EVERYTHING, even final print. The sale comes down on Sunday night, so don’t sleep on it! Enjoy your weekend, blow shit up, eat some meat, and try and keep your eyebrows! Until next time, with new line teasers!

Update 5/18

There wasn’t much to report last week, so I’m a week late with an update! Oh no! All the Wrestling Deadies (buddies) have been shipped! If you haven’t received yours yet, keep a lookout on your mailbox, or door step. THEY’RE COMING! There’s actually 3 extra Hogan ones in the store now. I have no idea when I will be restocking them, plus they take a few weeks to produce. So if you want em’ go get em’!

I have pretty much driven this home in every single update, but, this one is a little different. I have completely dropped everything for Grave Takers AND Electric Zombie down to COST, that’s right COST, which means, I am making ZERO MONEY. (50 cents if I am lucky) over on the MERCH NOW storefront This is the final clear out on this product. When this close out first started, it was almost 150 items, just for EZ alone. Now we are down to 59. It’s been crazy. Things are moving in fast forward to make the Merch Line store, the main and ONLY place you can get both brands. This is the lowest these will ever be over at MerchNOW, DO NOT MISS OUT!

Speaking of making Merch Line, the one and only store, the first 3 designs from the past that are being kept are printed and will be hitting the store VERY VERY Soon. I will be taking a good portion to May-Hem in less than 2 weeks and soon after, they will hit online. These designs are all a tad different. The Marshmallow man, is darker and more bold and in your face. The Freddy (pop claw) design has some colors added and is way more neon and the brand name is new and improved. Never sleep again is redone, but still keeping the classic look. I know I have touched on this last time. These upgrades are awesome and much needed. They of course have the printed tag and come bagged and folded.

Speaking of May-hem, like I just covered, attendees will be able to get their hands on them first. I will be bringing the 3 upgrades, 3 designs from the Merch Line store, some older posters, and 2 new posters. You will also be able to get these cheaper than online. This is going to be the first show I have done since August of Last year. WHOA, can’t believe it’s been that long. Because all my stuff is STILL in storage because I haven’t moved yet, there will be a whole new display and set up I am trying out. Hoping it’s a little more convenient and neat and tidy. Can’t wait to try it out, and finally meet my fellow floridians since I am back where it all started. Should be an awesome time.

My head has been bonkers lately since nearing the end of the summer tour design time. I keep forgetting that not everyone realizes that I design for band’s primarily and that these clothing brands are just something fun I do on the side. This time of year is just complete insanity. My job is already hard, as most of the time I am told to just do whatever I want. With this, not only is this the case, it’s for 20+ bands all at once. I did work for 23 bands for this year’s warped tour. It was so tough to try and make sure that EVERYONE’S stuff looked different. Biggest challenge. Throw that in with the fact that I still haven’t closed on my house, not having my belongings, being a dad, running 2 brands, and having to deal with the fact that my line I had planned for June is no longer, I have been in stress mode 11. I have been trying new things like go to the beach (I fucking hate the beach) but in the end, I end up going back to my old habits, and that’s….BUYING TOYS. Every time I’m on the verge of flipping out, I either shave my head, or go on a toy buying spree. Sometimes both. I need something to make me feel like I am doing all this work and having something to show for it, especially with my freak outs. So this week’s mail week was pretty interesting to say the least. Check out what I picked up either in stores, ebay, or conventions. Oh, this isn’t everything. If you follow me on instagram, you can see everything as I buy it for the most part.

This week I decided I wanted to do something nutty, something crazy, and maybe a little bit stupid. On Wednesday, May 21st, I am doing the biggest, most ridiculous sale ever. Nearly EVERYTHING will be $5 Seriously, everything. There are a few things that won’t be. I will be putting things on final print, that will be $5, all posters but the Robocop 2 poster will be $5. Dead Heads will be $5 the shirts I plan on keeping will be marked down to $10. Hoodies will be on sale too, I just don’t know the prices just yet. This was such a split second, last minute decision. I just want people to be aware of the newer store, and clear out a lot of stuff thats lingering in certain sizes so I can reprint a design. Also, getting rid of that annoying final print stuff would be awesome as well. I’m super OCD and if something sits for too long I get anxious. So get ready and pleaseeeee spread the word. Most of this stuff is already almost gone as is, and even if there’s a good amount left, chances are, it won’t last or be up for very long.

Next week’s blog should be a good one. Might have some interesting news to share, talk about the August line, possibly show the new convention set up, as well as a new poster. UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

Update! Week of 4/21 (even though I’m posting it a day later!)

I’m a day behind on the update, AH! Things are starting to get hectic work wise with me. Warped Tour season is about to begin, so those behind the scenes, it sort of starts 2 months prior. I am about to make my rounds with a pile of merch designs for almost 4 hands worth of bands. It’s going to be a crazy crazy month. I was trying to get things in order for the next EZ release and stuff for the May-Hem Horror convention happening at the end of next month. Finally caught up, before the poo poos starts to hit the fan starting tomorrow. That being said, UPDATE TIME!

The votes are in, and you guys voted Stay Tuff back into the line up. I plan on bringing in older / popular / best sellers, into the Merch Line store front super soon. I will gradually be adding them in throughout the year, and most likely next year as well. SO MUCH PRODUCT! Even though I am ANTI PREORDER, I’m thinking about putting these 3 on preorder so no one has to wait for the release date, or when they are done and printed for the May-Hem show next month. People will be able to order and get them before they actually get put in the store. Plus as a no brainer, it helps pay for itself. The prices for these shirts are going to be much lower than the Merch Now store. spanning from 16-20, and will be much lower with shipping rates as well. Plus everything will have the print tags, and bagged and folded nicely. Should be awesome. I haven’t 100% decided to do the pre order, but it’s looking very likely. If it does indeed happen, I am looking to launch sometime this week. Not sure if anyone can tell, but these designs have been tweaked a tad. The original Stay Tuff, came in at a whopping 14 colors. I actually got it down to 8 with no half toning whatsoever. I sent it to the printers to see if they can work their magic to bring the colors down even more. You can’t even tell, and looks pretty awesome. What that also will mean is a lower price. WIN / WIN! The Insomniac design is completely revamped. New texture, updated text, better drips, better everything. The color will be more blood red as well. The Pop Claw design is slightly changed. Something that bothered me about the design was the lack of aqua and the fact that the claw leather just meshed in with the sweater. So I went ahead and made that aqua. I also redid the text on the shirt as I am and have been constantly approving my logos and penmanship. So it’s a slight change, but a necessary one. I can’t wait to get these out there and on the new store. The small changes are great ones and so is the lower price points! If they do end up going on pre order, I will be sure to blast out for everyone to snag!

This weekend, I put up a flash sale on the Grave Takers’ polo, back pack, Electric Zombie’s Outbreak and Bizarro Hoodies for $5! This will only last for the rest of the month, or obviously until they sell out. The Bizarro Hoodie, as of this writing is sold out in 3 sizes and has less than 50 pieces total between all the sizes. I am trying to eliminate as much stock on the Merch Now side as possible. So if you want these items or ANYTHING from their store front. You better act fast because I am looking to start completely fresh sooner than you think!

I have been massively slacking in the Free Shit Friday department. I have been super super swamped with work. Seems like Fridays are my busiest day now. I have something spooky in store for this week. Be sure to follow me on instagram (username / kyleisez) to take part. It’s going to be a good one!

I received an update on the WRESTLING DEADIES this morning. The fabric has arrived! They are going to be assembled ASAP and will be shipped out to me at the end of every day, whatever is done for that day. So these guys could be going out to those who are waiting as soon as FRIDAY! If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I would do so, as I will be updating as soon as I know something.

Speaking of Instagram, if you don’t already follow me, you should know before hand you are going to see the following BOMBARDMENT of many things. Crap I buy, my son, food, and designs, as well as any bit of EZ/Grave Takers news, peeks, etc etc. I usually post anything I get in the mail or buy, and I have been slacking on that as well. Proof right there that I have been slammed! So instead of piling on posts on there, I figured I would show what I got in the past 2 weeks in the mail. So much great stuff, and super big thanks to Bruckaroni, for snagging me those Ghostbusters pieces at the art show last weekend!

That’s it for this week! Until next time!

Weekly update! 4/19

Another week down and time for another EZ update! Preorders of the EZ Wrestling DEADIES has ended! It was beyond successful. I had a bunch of people tell me it would be, and I just would not listen! Every time I do ANYTHING “limited”, it usually backfires. This time was definitely not the case. It sold BEYOND my expectations. In case you missed the news/update the “MADNESS” one will NOT be returning. The “IMMORTAL” ones will be going in regular circulation in the webstore. For those of you who ordered. They have been sent to the manufacturer and will begin production in the next week or so. An order will be sent out EVERY DAY with however many are completed. So there won’t be this wait time for everyone. They will be sent out each day as we get them, in the order they were placed. Which is loads better than waiting for the order to be completed. I also ordered some extra Immortal ones to add to the webstore. Thank you all so so so much for making it a success. Can’t wait to do next year’s or maybe even some non wrestling related ones!

The rest of the legends line is RUNNING EXTREMELY LOW. There’s only 15 box sets left and all the shirts are running super low. Especially Massacre (Mankind). The only shirts sticking around from this series is Demolished and Authority. The rest are going BYE BYE FOREVER!

There’s actually a massive clear out going on right now on the Merch Line store right now. Dead Heads, Hoodies, shirts and more, all on a final print/run sale. DO NOT WAIT! This is your last chance to grab these items.

Speaking of running low, The Baxter Boxes are almost gone. Only 15 of these as well! But… they won’t be available as a set anymore. Starting Monday. I will be pulling them down. Simply because the Thrasher tee (shredder) is marked at final print, and the only reward from getting this box is for the stickers, slime, secret shirt, and secret poster. But, you can buy the secret shirt now. The price of that (if you bought them all separately) is $70, for a $100 box, you’re basically buying the poster and box for 30 bucks, which to me isn’t right. But if you want to buy it with all those goodies, YOU HAVE UNTIL MONDAY and the box set will be taken down. On Monday the Secret shirt and poster will be unlocked and REVEALED! FINALLY! The first 15 orders of the secret shirt will get the leftover Baxter Box, FOR FREE! You will however have to pay for the shipping on the box, so please be aware if you see that it costs a higher price for the shirt. I am super excited to be able to finally reveal this design. It’s truly one of EZ’s all time bests!

Since we’re talking about things running low and running out. I want to remind everyone about the Merch Now clear out. On June 1st I am forecasting to be out of pretty much EVERYTHING and will be focusing on bringing the designs from there over to the Merch Line store. As discussed last week I am going to be starting to bring in those items very very soon. In fact, I am going to be ordering the first 3 designs on the 28th. The first 2 DEFINITE designs are going to be 2 Freddy designs. One being the Never Sleep Again and the Pop Claw designs. The next design is UP TO YOU! you can chose one of the designs listed below. To make it easier, since it IS really small. The designs are from top to bottom / left to right. Beavis and Butt-Head, Stay Tuff, Haunted House with glow in the dark ghosts, Sam from trick r treat, Escape, Shield, Jason 007, Alf, and Jason’s masks. Obviously, these aren’t the names of the designs. Just figured this would be easier. Voting will end on Friday. The one with the most votes will be printed first. I will be selecting the next 3, another month later (I pretty much have these selected already). Be sure to chime in and make your vote count!

In case you were wondering why I didn’t have you guys vote for the ENTIRE 3 to be brought back, is because in May, I will be doing the MAY-HEM convention. The headliners this year are John Carpenter and Robert Englund. So I HAD to bring those back. Each design will be getting a tad face lift. Just going to tweak and make things better, brighter, and cleaner. I might be bringing back a few other things as well. WHO KNOWS?! Might even make some new things! Want to come to the event or just check out what it’s about and who’s going? Head over to http://www.spookyempire.com . Can’t wait to be back to doing shows again! More to come soon!

Now I guess for some bad news. I was originally going to have a summer line come out, of around 5-8 shirts on Friday, June 13th. But because of tax reasons, I wasn’t able to close on my house (yay being self employed). So once my transcripts are ready I can close on my house and move in. I have no idea when that will be. I was told as long as JUNE! What sucks about that is, I can’t make any big purchases UNTIL I close. So that means a whole new line. it REALLLLYYYY sucks. But now what I was going to do in June is going to happen in December (it has a theme) so now I have to hurry, close, move and get some older items in the Merch Line store, and then focus on a new line that is probably NOT SO SECRET, coming out in August. I know it comes as a major bummer, but it’s basically out of my hands. I hope you all will be patient and understand and stick with me through this long and grueling process. It bums me out that I can’t share any of my nutty new ideas until August, but it will be worth the wait. I promise. BLAH



This is going to be a start of a hopeful ongoing series of blogs where I sort of update everyone newsletter style, without having you sign up for one. Plus, those things are annoying anyway! There’s a lot going on this week so let’s dive right into it!

Last week’s legends line release should have been more descriptive. A lot of you ordered BOTH Deadies and BOTH posters, completely overlooking the bundles. Just so everyone is aware (those who buy them separately, Merch Line, SHOULD have fixed it and notified you) There are bundles for both that save you a drastic amount of money. Please look over the store before you jump the gun!

Speaking of Deadies, The preorder for batch 2 is over on Friday, which means after Friday, the pre order sale will be taken down and you will NOT be able to nab these bad boys, UNTIL stock has arrived! I should also note that Macho Man, will be discontinued. So this will be the ONLY way to grab the 2 of them together. As stated before, I will be ordering a few extra of each to accommodate those who couldn’t preorder or over selling. DO NOT WAIT ON THESE. The first round sold out in less than 3 hours!

Even though MARCH NOW! is over, the sale is still kicking. SO much stuff is sold out. The sale was a mega success. The overall goal was to completely close out the Merch Now store front and focus completely on one with Merch Line. There are still some lingering sizes, so act now. I have no idea WHEN these will be up over at the Merch Line store. As I will be focusing on gradually adding old designs, while still putting out new product. So if there’s something you need to have, get it now. It is at an all time low price wise. This is also your last chance to grab NUMEROUS final print items.

Speaking on final print. There is a handful of DEAD HEADS marked down to final print as well. There is only 1 of each of these final print items. Get them now, FOR ONLY $10! There are also a few tees / hoodies marked down for final print on the Merch Line side as well. This will be your last chance to get, NUKER, DEADPOOL (TEE), KILLJAW, THRASHER, SPOOKER HOODIE, WARZONE HOODIE. Supplies are limited!

I am eying a few conventions creeping up soon, so I might take that as a chance to bring in some of the older items I touched on previously. I know of 1 off hand, and I think I am going to gradually bring them in 3 at a time. So what I plan on doing is showing the sheet below (decided to not bring back a few on this list, hence the dots), and have people vote in the upcoming weeks which 2 should come back, or be printed first. Kind of an awesome way to really make EZ about the fans!

It seems like this update is to more or less inform everyone of things RUNNING LOW or GOING AWAY. The Baxter Box / Swarm Secret shirt is RUNNING SUPER LOW! There’s only 16 boxes left! So that means if you want the box with the stickers and the slime, you have a super low chance of snagging one. You can get your hands on one either through getting the Baxter Box Bundle, or the SWARM Secret shirt. ONLY 16 LEFT! How many?! THAT’S RIGHT, 16! Once those 16 are gone, the secret design will open up and everyone will see it in it’s glory! ANDDDD THE POSTER/PRINT EDITION AS WELL!

Not sure if anyone who decides to read this knows that, other than Electric Zombie and Gravetakers, I design for tons of bands and brands and companies. I updated my portfolio last week with lots of new goodies, you can scope that out here. http://www.get86d.com

That’s it for this update. To stay up to date with my artwork and brands, by following me on instagram and twitter, handle: kyleisez

SHOWCASE of the Immortals

It’s one of my FAVORITE times of the year. WRESTLEMANIA time! Although I’m not as hyped and excited as I usually am, it’s the overall feeling behind it. It’s like Halloween or Christmas. The costumes could suck. The cookies might come out burnt. It’s the EXCITEMENT that really makes it. It’s the results that really sends it over the top. So this year I wanted to do something awesome and over the top for the Legends Never Die release. Last year’s was pretty awesome. Adam Bomb, Bret Hart, LOD, Hogan Baseball, Parody Baseball, Dog shirts, Brutus, and Undertaker, Rumble poster, and of course the box.

What usually happens with my releases, is, while I am finishing one line, I am already planning the next series and / or line. With the Rumbler poster last year, I already knew who I wanted to do this series / year’s release. There’s a COUPLE I didn’t get to, as I wanted to stick to a solid 5 shirts. I teased them in last year’s poster. Some people were crying and bitching, “THAT’S NOT WHO WAS ON THE 91/92 POSTER, WAHHHH” Well, that’s because I was teasing THIS YEARS release.

I wanted to incorporate some horror references this time. My PERSONAL favorite, is the Bossman shirt. I wanted to blend in a bunch of elements of MANIAC COP. Hands, Night Stick, Jacket. I had one person IMMEDIATELY get it when I teased it on instagram. Made me proud. Sometimes, I wonder if people get my references, or if people just go ZOMBIE BOSSMAN! Of course there’s the obvious Mankind/Leatherface combo. But, there are some characters that don’t need any references or any zombification. Originally, I wanted Demolition to sort of resemble THE PLAGUE from Hobo with a Shotgun. But, they are so fucking crazy looking, that I just opted to give them weapons that meshed with their names. Papa Shango, this dude doesn’t need a DAMN thing done to him. Dude was one of the BEST characters in the 90’s. It’s a shame he didn’t last long. His promos were great, and his look was amazing. Jake the Snake? No explanation necessary.

SO THE DEATH MATCHHHH BOXXXX! **REVERB announcer voice** I have to admit. Last year’s box to me, was a little better. It isn’t that this year’s sucks. Last year, I wanted it to look like something LJN or Hasbro would have used for packaging. PLUS the cut out championship belt? Too good. This year’s I wanted to do a play off it being the 2nd one. What better way to emphasize that, then to focus on a tag team. I had become obsessed with my vintage LOD shirt, from WWF, that I sort of replicated that. It’s so awesome that they used to dumb down colors in the 80’s, then it turned to neon! (not complaining). The shirt was red and had white and red ink. It’s an incredible shirt. I actually redrew the spike box on the shirt that the logo was in on the tee, and used that color scheme on the Mankind shirt. That said. I really wanted to focus on the team, the blood red, the steel, the metal and really emphasize the DEATH of the DEATH MATCH BOX. This is one good looking box, but next year, I am going to push it to the next level.

Last year, I only worked on the box and a the IMMORTAL Hogan baseball. This year I did the box, and the posters. These posters, to me, might not have been the HARDEST project, but, to me, I think it’s one of my best. I feel like I really NAILED the look and aesthetic of the 90’s. The thing I am patting myself the most on the back for, is making the DIESEL logo say DIE EZ. I was struggling big time on how to incorporate the brand name into someone who has a 1 word name. I kept staring and staring, and BOOM got it! I love this poster so much. Tire Tracks, Diamond Plating, so good. I don’t think I need to say a thing about RAZOR, just amazing. After I finished these prints, I immediately wanted to make pocket folders of these designs. It looked like something I would have had in my trapper keeper in 3rd grade. MAYBE ONE DAY!

The bigggg product and bar setter, is the wrestling DEADIES. I have a fellow horror lover who makes these awesome horror pillows, and asked him if he could pull something like this off. Turns out, he was already making one for himself. It was destiny! So I worked with Matt Skiff on making these bad boys come to life. Matt did a perfect job nailing the look, the purposefully bad back in the day vibe. These things are perfect and too good. While these things arent EXACTLY like the old school ones, as they we’re made up of a BUNCH of pieces. These ones are made of 2 pieces, as they are hand made. HAND MADE?! Each one is sewn and stuffed by hand and actually look massively JACKED and muscular, unlike the ones in the 90’s. This is by far my proudest, most outside of the box item I have ever done. SUPER HAPPY with the turn out and response. In fact, as I type this, the first edition has SOLD OUT! HOLY CRAP! They are still available for a preorder, although, it will take approximately 5 weeks to get these in your hands and RUMBLE!

Most of these items are super super limited and won’t be coming back. The only items I am keeping (for now) is the Demolition shirt and the Bossman tee. The rest of the shirts and prints, when they are gone, they are OUTTA HERE! As stated. The “DEADIES” will still be around until they start to taper off. But please keep in mind THEY ARE HAND MADE IN THE UNITED STATES. IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME!

Although the card pretty much sucks this year, I hope everyone has an awesome WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND! Be sure to follow me on twitter and join in on the discussion/bitching this Sunday! Also be sure to follow me on other networks and give me your thoughts on the newest LEGENDS RELEASE! BROTHER!

MEGA CAAA—- AH fuck this shit

A few weekends ago, I made the trek to Orlando, for MEGACON, apparently, it is the 3rd biggest comic con in the country. I don’t buy it. But that’s besides the point. With it being only an hour and a half away, I thought it was worth the journey to see if it would be worth taking Electric Zombie next year. And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get new toys!

Now first let me say, getting here was a FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Getting to the exit was fine and dandy, but turning onto the exit. WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. My friend and I literally sat in the car, inching our way up for literally 3 hours. No exaggerations. We got to this shopping center, which was a mile and a half away, and just said screw it and walked the rest of the way. There was supposedly a bunch of conventions happening at the same convention center, and EVERYONE was trying to get there. Needless to say, by the time we arrived, I was over it.

There was so many people. A ridiculous amount. The weird thing is, is for vendors, it sold out super quick. But to me, there wasn’t much of anything. The amount of people to the amount of stuff to look at ratio was super super low. There was so much anime, and minecraft, and over priced comic garbage. The other weird thing, was this event had some pretty big celebrities and the lines and the designated area for these people DID NOT seem very long at all. When I go to these events. I go for 2 reasons. To find old graded first appearance comics, and old rare toys I have never seen before or wasn’t able to get my hands on as a kid. Out of the ENTIRE convention there were 4 TOPS that had any sort of vintage toys. I found one that had a super rare Secret Wars Hobgoblin, the only one that I needed to complete my collection, mint condition and on the card/package, and I was so bummed and over it, that I just left, THAT’S HOW OVER IT I WAS! But I didn’t leave without visiting the best booth of the convention. This booth had TONS of retro and vintage toys. A lot of it was super overpriced. I wanted to get the couple Monster In My Pocket Howlers he had, but there were 28 bucks each, and the packages were destroyed. But I did manage to find a Darkwing Duck Gas Gun and a Captain Planet Toxic Sludge Dump Disaster Set new in the box. Nabbed them both for $90.

I had to make sure that while I was there, to pay a visit to my buddy and design friend, Clark Orr. He does stuff for Gallery 1988, Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold, and even Electric Zombie. He had some of his well known prints and some new ones for sale, as well as some really cool pennants. But the best thing he had (and the coolest THING at the convention) was this sticker vending machine with his branding on it. At first, I was like, “Oh, what a cool way to display your stickers”. That was until I saw someone put in quarters and out popped a cardboard sleeve WITH A FUCKING STICKER IN IT. THE MACHINE WORKED! It seriously blew my mind, that all conversations stopped and I basically just overly excitedly gave Clark props, for at least 5 minutes straight. This dude gets it. He’s a clever son of a bitch and is super talented and in that moment, he blew my mind and made me want to hang up my design /marketing boots. Clark, you sir, are a genius.

By the time I wrapped up with Clark, I was ready to leave. The one thing I hate the most about cons, is the god damned penguin waddle everyone does to get booth to place and isle to isle. Not to mention, those sons of bitches who just STOP in the middle of an isle and text or wait for people in their group. I just want to Stone Cold Stun each and every one of them! But before I left, I made ONE more stop at booth and picked up some too good to be true, wish list gems of mine. Now, the thing is, and with reason, (DC SUCKS) you can never find GRADED DC comics ANYWHERE. EVER. So I always have to suck it up and get the crappy bagged and boarded copies (I know I’m a snob). I was able to grab the first appearance of Mr.Freeze (Although it technically ISN’T as he first appeared as Mr.Zero, but they changed his name, so this IS the first Mr.Freeze) and then the first appearance of the 2nd modern version of Clay Face. Both of these bad boys were $12! Insta-buy and an insta-check off of the first appearance list I have. I never noticed it before. But the Clayface comic, it looks like Batman is giving him a big ol’ huge like he just found his soul mate. Weird….

So, the big question…. Will EZ be at Mega Con next year? I have no idea. The clusterfuck of it all, COMPLETELY turned me off. I am semi local, and once I move into the new house, I will be even closer. But if it took me 3 hours to get to the convention as a spectator, FROM THE EXIT, not from start to finish, then there is ZERO fucking way I would do the show. On the way out, I did notice a Hotel, a spitball away from the convention center. Although, I’d rather NOT take that option, as I would rather drive an hour home to sleep in my OWN bed, it might be the only teeth grinding option, if I chose to do the show next year. Hopefully they can get their shit together, or at least someone to direct traffic. Sheesh


It’s been so so long. I have waited what feels like an eternity for a real official glimpse of anything regarding this TMNT remake. I don’t care what anyone says, being almost 31, I am excited. BEYOND excited. This is the golden ticket for me. I don’t care if it’s a hunk of shit. I am excited more than anything, to see this movie.

Now, Let’s talk about the BS and cries everyone has with this movie. SHREDDER IS WHITE, THE TURTLES LOOK LIKE SHREK, MEGAN FOX, WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH. Look, let’s face it, they change EVERYTHING, when it comes to ANYTHING. I agree with it. It keeps the story fresh and exciting, or else it’s like seeing the same movie, AGAIN, with different actors and better FX. They do it with every movie. In Raimi’s Spider-Man, the shooters were a mutation. In the TMNT cartoon, they changed practically everything. Even in Secret of the Ooze, would have it fucking killed you to call Professor Perry, Baxter Stockman? I MEAN C’MON! Bebop and Rocksteady were replaced with Tokka and Rahzar. I mean they fucking change everything, and now people are bitching. I am more pissed about those Secret of the Ooze, mistakes, than I am with anything with this new movie.

I back this movie, because they have 30 years worth of changes, incarnations and back stories, comics, cartoons, everything. To try and make work. It’s just the way it is, and will always be. CHANGES. You can either bitch about it, or just sit back and watch it. Because no matter what ANYONE says, these changes and movies will happen.

First, let’s discuss Megan Fox casting. For starters, she’s a million times more attractive than that freckle invested, boobless, Judith Hoag, or even Paige Turco. There’s so many gross ass cartoons out there of April getting banged by shredder or a turtle. She’s a sex symbol, and whether you like it or not, Megan Fox is one. She’s not there for acting, she’s there for dudes to drool over. She might not be everyone’s slice of pie (pizza of course) but it’s better than MOST choices that could have been available. She’s known, dude’s think she’s hot. So shut up.

The look of the turtles. I personally LOVE IT. It reminds me a lot of the Jim Lee turtles, and I have to say, Jim Lee is probably my favorite comic book artist. So I may be a little bit biased. The thing about their “Outfits” that people are bitching about. I dig it. It gives them more personality than just a colored bandana. I mean, I didn’t hear anyone bitch about the original movies them not having colored elbow and knee pads like the cartoon. This day and age, people like to bitch.

The other thing is, the CGI. It’s wayyyyy more impressive when you can capture the wood texture of the bamboo on Leo’s chest armor. Or the beads around Mikey’s wrist. Or the Motherboard / CPU fans on the back of Donnie (I tried to get a shot, but there was too much movement). This is way way way more impressive. Sure the new toys will probably look like hot garbage. But I want to sit in the theatre, and in my home, staring at this shit in awe. People bitching about lips and all that crap. Now they can show emotion, instead of that stupid puppet head that blinks and has eyeholes for the person wearing it under the bandana (at the time ruled, but it’s what 24 years later?)A puppet head in 2014 would NOT cut it. Oh Yea, did I mention the personality these guys have now because of this change?

Shredder being white. Yea, this part sucks, but I’m sure there will be a reason. I don’t recall there being such a fuss when they made Nick Fury, basically every character Samuel L. Jackson has ever played but with an eye patch.

I don’t care if his name is Eric Sachs, Dick Trickle, at the end of the day, his name is SHREDDER, and let’s be real, if this shit hadn’t come out when it did, the name SHREDDER would have sounded even more lame than ERIC SACHS.

To sort of end the whole CHANGES thing. Look at The Walking Dead, as a good example. It loosely follows the comics, but you still get the same overall look and feel of the comics. They created new characters and changed some up. At the end of the day, people watch because they want to see zombies get fucked up by characters they love. TMNT is no different. They want to see Michaelangelo say dude and eat pizza. Raph get hot headed, and Donnie being the uber nerd he is, and Leo being, the guy that pretty much no one cares about because he’s a bossy pants goodie two-shoes. We’re going to get those things and that should be what the primary focus of this whole thing should be. Not about the turtles wearing shoes, and Shredder not being asian.

I’ve seen a lot of bitching about product placement. It’s fucking 2014, get the fuck over it. It can’t get any worse than Superman and Zod fighting in a god damn IHOP in front of a 7-11. Plus, I am super fucking excited to buy whatever commerical tie in they have with Pizza Hut, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! (I’ve gotten a glimpse of a box, and wish I had one right now)

I watched the trailer a few times and noticed a few things each time. Not MUCH, but, a couple things. When someone pulls back the tarp and reveals a mock ooze set up, when their arms go down, it looks like a black man (not trying to be racist), which points to Baxter

Another Channel change for April. In this movie, it’s Channel 4

We get our first glimpse of Karai

Dimension X / Krang, HAVE to be involved. The Canister contains alien hieroglyphics on the rim of the canister. Shredder’s costume, also looks sort of overly ALIEN.

I am fully aware that this movie could and most likely WILL suck. As in the past 5 years, I haven’t been blown away by much. I have super high hopes for this movie, and I will be there at the earliest showing and hoping to snag, 1 (if not all) pairs of those glorious bandana 3D glasses. I think people need to step back and remember. It’s called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How fucking stupid does that sound? Not as bad as everyone nit picking what they should look like. It could have been a lot worse… Like part 3 worse.


As most of you know. I am a skinny fat kid. HUGE SKINNY FAT KID. If it’s not work, or company, or toy stuff I’m posting online. It’s food. I usually see and find out about new stuff coming out earlier than most. But, this time, someone else did the discovering / mind blowing. Fright Rags friend, Kristy Jett posted these bad boys on instragram. COSMIC CUPCAKES. For starters, I fucking love me some cupcakes. Second, in high school cosmic brownies was my treat of choice. It just doesn’t get any better than cosmic brownies with a can of YooHoo. Not those mega ones, just the regular sized ones. For some reason, ANYTHING but the original cosmic brownie is gross. The easter ones, the christmas tree ones, super sized. ALL NASTY. So when I saw these, my face melted and 16 year old Kyle needed these things. I went on a hunt first to my local Publix. No go. So I went to Super Wal-mart, and SUCCESS! The bright colors of the candy piece sprinkles were calling to me and drawing me in ala Magento. Walking around, I was also on the hunt for another new fatty snack, Ben and Jerry’s new CORE line. Ben and Jerry’s is awesome as is, but now you mix in a solid core of sugary magnificence, and you’ve taken this thing to a whole other level. I made the mistake of seeing these things a few weeks back and passing on them in fear of them melting in the car, HUGE mistake. Have not been able to find them since. If you’ve sampled and devoured these guys, please let me know how they are. Check out the new flavors and prepare to make a mad dash for the store, much like I did, here. http://www.benjerry.com/flavors/cores

Feeling slightly defeated about not finding 1 of the 2 items on the list of targeted sweets, I saw on an end cap, SPRINKLED DONUT CAPTAIN CRUNCH. I didn’t even think twice. I quickly snagged the box and B-Lined for the self check out. (I don’t want to talk to ANYONE at Wal-Mart, EVER). On that same isle, was peanut butter, and that’s where I saw Cookie Dough Peanut Butter. I hardly had any free hands, I may have only had 2 items in them, but I had them clenched so tight, you weren’t going to take them away from me. I put it in my arms like a new born baby. Now, I haven’t been able to try this peanut butter yet. But when I do, that cookie goodness mix with peanut butter, with a little bit of Nutella on Oatmeal bread, are going to have to buy me dinner and take me to the movie after the things that sammie is going to do to my mouth. MY GOODNESS!

Let’s talk about the other 2 things I did try. Let’s talk about the Cosmic Cupcakes. These things were good, not great, but good. I still prefer the original brownie, but this thing is the runner up, understudy for my Little Debbie snackage choice. It’s a basically a hostess cupcake, but instead of the swirl frosting, it’s covered in chocolate chip sprinkle pieces. This doesn’t taste like a Cosmic Brownie, but it looks like one. While I wouldn’t run out and tell everyone about these and how they HAVE to get them, if someone asked what I thought, I’d tell them they were pretty good. I won’t rush out to buy them like I did when I first heard about them, nor will I buy them again. But hey, if someone wants to send me a box for free, I’d gladly take it.

So, it’s donut time. When I opened this box, the smell alone got me excited. Pour it into the bowl and see the pop of color. Even more excited. We’re talking a full on 8 of 10 in excitement here. Then the swash of milk and the sprinkles getting brighter and the colors running to the milk. It’s a 10, and it’s go time! Now the disappoint hits. This tastes NOTHING like a donut, or anything at all. It’s almost like, this is Captain Crunch’s way of fixing it’s reputation of being that deadly cereal that never gets soggy and always cuts the roof of your mouth. So they made it ring shaped. Their marketing team must have been like, “I don’t know if this is good enough, what else can we do, how can we fool everyone to thinking this is new and that we’ve changed? We need to get them to trust us and love us again. LETS ADD SPRINKLES AND CALL IT DONUTS.” This just tastes like regular ass Captain Crunch that looks cool. I was so bummed that a part of me wanted to push the bowl away from me and off the counter. It was that bad. The rest of the box is in the garbage. A few years back, they came out with Cupcake Fruity Pebbles and they were AMAZING. I was expecting something close if not better and man was it disappointing.

Know of any new junk food goodies that just came out or something you think I just have to try? Send them my way! Until next time!


I feel like I write the same blog about MARCH NOW every year. I also feel like every year I leave out some details about how it works, but seeing how this isn’t my first MARCH NOW rodeo, I think I got this. Before I get into HOW you score these deals and HOW it works. I want to start by emphasizing how important this sale is on so many levels.

First, there’s a good amount of old stuff between both brands that in all honesty, just needs to get the hell outta here. Second, I must emphasize, how much that it isn’t this personal screw Merch Now, type of situation. It’s a control issue with myself. I am super super super picky with how things are ran and printed and dealt with. With me no longer in New York and back in Florida, I switched back to Merch Line, which is who I was with when EZ first started. I can now be once again hands on with printing, and making sure that everything is going accordingly, instead of freaking out and hoping things are going ok. So to help all parties out on the scenario, I am clearing out as much as I can so I can make the transition over to Merch Line completely. That being said, THIS IS THE TIME TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! My primary focus is in all reality getting new product out. My money and overall goal is going to be for that stuff. So I have ZERO idea when I will be putting the product from the Merch Now site, over to the new store. It could be months, a year. There might honestly not be a Grave Takers line this year, for this very same reason. This whole thing is going to take some time. It would be a huge mistake to keep rolling with previous goods. Gotta keep trekking forward and put in the classics when I can. This isn’t a scheme to get you guys to buy something, and then restock it in a few weeks to get some quick cash. Things are already running low. Like less than 20 pieces spread out per every size low. If you are an EXTRA SMALL, this is the time to buy as well, as I am not going to be printing that size after this.

The next reason is personal, and something allllll people have to do (well for the most part) PAY TAXES. All the money I have saved for taxes, is going towards my new house. All money from this sale is going to pay for taxes. BOOOO. Sometimes I miss having a normal job!

Curious to know what designs are being kept around for the long haul and carried over to Merch Line? (eventually) I made a nifty little collage graphic which you can check out below. If it’s not on this list, you better grab it while you still can!

Please take the time to look over this image if you are planning to take part of this sale. It will save a lottttt of headache. If you live outside of the US, you can still take part of the sale, you just won’t get the shipping rate. you must go to merchnow.com and select what you want from the main front page. Electric zombie, gravetakers, any band listed combine, mix and match, you choose! this will not work if you go to theelectriczombie/gravetakers.com it must be merchnow.com! You must have only clearance items in your cart. if you put even 1 thing in your cart that is not on clearance, the $1.99 shipping offer will not appear! Load up with as much as you want. You can order 1 item, 100 items, 500 items, and the shipping rate will be $1.99 for customers in the united states. If you live elsewhere, this offer will not work! This offer is only valid on the merchnow store fronts, not the merchline store front

I went ahead and put a massive sale on the Merch Line side as well. The only stuff not for sale is the new OCP products and the new Deadheads, as well as the Model 101 print (Terminator) as they literally just came out. Some of this stuff will not be coming back once it’s sold through. Deadpool Tee, Spooker Hoodie, Thrasher, Nuker, Warzone Hood and Tee, Killjaw, and all the Deadheads, EXCEPT the Sammy Candy Corn, and Tuff Stuff Ecto Bubblegum. Although the flat rate shipping isn’t available for this store, Merch Line’s shipping rates are MORE than fair, matched with a great price, you really can’t beat that.

Hopefully this sale is a success, and you all don’t sit around and wait to get something. Even though it’s a month long sale, I can’t stress enough how much this stuff is priced to move and will most likely sell out. I will be keeping EVERYONE posted via social networks of what is close to selling out or when something sells out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via twitter or Facebook. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON THIS! Thanks again for the ongoing support. Let’s have some fun with this!

Your Fiend,